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Art Therapy for Conceptual Artists

Art Therapy for Conceptual Artists

Art Therapy for Conceptual Artists

Neke Carson, New York

Neke Carson, New York; Urs Lehni, Rollo Press, Zürich

Tallinna Raamatutrükikoda, Tallinn

Rollo Press, Zürich



An art book by the American artist Neke Carson dating from 1972, containing instructions for making five ‘works of art' out of papier mâché, wood, plasticine, etc., has been reissued as a paperback. The five chapters each start with a full-page instructional text in a typewriter font, followed by a series of photos - each placed singly on the recto page - illustrating the work process. A reprint of an advertising poster for the book serves as a dust jacket, and a photograph of the original edition appears on the book's front cover. The relationship to the original is thus very well presented and the reproduction is otherwise befitting. The book has a contemporary appearance, is slightly mysterious, and the original is in no way fetishized. The amusing material is a historic find, and the question of the future of art that was raised on the poster can be raised once again, forty years later.


Videos: Körner Union & Maximage, Lausanne / Zürich
Jury reviews: Tan Wälchli, Berlin/Zürich