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Flucht nach vorn

Flucht nach vorn

Flucht nach vorn

Andrzej Wirth, Thomas Irmer (Hg.)

Julia Born, in collaboration with Nina Paim, Zürich / Berlin

DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg, Altenburg

Spector Books, Leipzig



A ‘spoken autobiography' by the distinguished Polish critic, theatre director and founder of the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen, Andrzej Wirth (b. 1927), is presented as a thick reader with an eye-catching hardcover. The front cover is red, the back turquoise blue, and a gauze in a light tone has been used for the spine ; all three elements are inscribed with black embossing. A single font in a standard size is used throughout the book, but the colour and arrangement vary widely. Wirth's statements are in red, the questions posed by his interlocutor Thomas Irmer are in turquoise blue, and ‘interruptions' by Wirth are placed in between them, rotated by 90 degrees, in free arrangements with a great deal of white space. In the middle of the volume there are 15 essays by Wirth set in black type, with paragraph initials that are formed out of multiple small letters. The highly innovative typography creates a wonderful rhythm and an underlying scenography of articulation. The book's special material qualities and good binding also make it pleasant to handle and read.


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