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Learning from Warsaw

Learning from Warsaw

Learning from Warsaw

Nele Dechmann, Nicola Ruffo, Agnieszka Sosnowska

Atlas Studio, Martin Andereggen, Claudio Gasser, Jonas Wandeler, Zürich

Drukarnia Argraf, Warszawa

Kodoji Press, Baden; Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warszawa


In a series of small exhibitions, readings and workshops that took place in Warsaw and were afterwards presented as an overview exhibition in Zurich, participants from Poland and Switzerland explored Warsaw's complex architectural identity. The large-format booklet has been produced using a special version of the Swiss brochure, leaving the simple wire binding of the text block visible. An introductory pictorial essay shows four-colour, mainly large-format photos that often meet directly in each gutter. This is followed by a long, black-and-white text and image section with ‘Lessons' by all of the project's participants. All of the double-page spreads are framed with printers' marks on the left, right and bottom margins, explained by the fact that the booklet is the result of double folding of the uncut standard printed sheets. The various design decisions are both independent-minded and consistent and create a rough, industrial overall impression. The pictorial essay is deftly edited and the jacket is very bold.


Videos: Körner Union & Maximage, Lausanne / Zürich
Jury reviews: Tan Wälchli, Berlin/Zürich