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Pierre Schwerzmann

Pierre Schwerzmann

Pierre Schwerzmann

Pierre Schwerzmann, Catherine Othenin-Girard, Nyon; Marco Costantini, Genève; Thomas Huber, Berlin

Pierre Schwerzmann, Nyon; Olivier Weber, Lausanne; Izet Sheshivari, Genève

Courvoisier-Attinger Arts Graphiques SA, Biel-Bienne; Dr. Paper et Mr. Tee, Timotei Keller, Genève

Boabooks, Genève



A catalogue with a hardcover available in four different monochrome versions presents Pierre Schwerzmann's abstract paintings, which feature simple geometric shapes and painterly blurring. The works are reproduced in full bleed on single or double pages, and in some cases have been cropped to fit the format of the book. The abstract forms almost appear to be elements of book design, especially in those images with a white background indistinguishable from the background of the book page. Between the full-bleed reproductions of the works are exhibition views and several essays in a slightly smaller paper size, so that the still-visible parts of the preceding or subsequent works serve as frames. The combinations of room views and surfaces at times creates a dizzying impression, and thus it is fitting that the essays are set in slanting columns. The changing scenography remains exciting throughout, and the volume possesses a remarkable visual coherence.

Videos: Körner Union & Maximage, Lausanne / Zürich
Jury reviews: Tan Wälchli, Berlin/Zürich