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La Passion Dürer

La Passion Dürer
© Photography: Olivier Pasqual, Genève

La Passion Dürer
© Photography: Simon Schmid / NL, Bern

La Passion Dürer
© Photography: Simon Schmid / NL, Bern

Laurence Schmidlin, Cabinet cantonal des estampes, Musée Jenisch, Vevey

Gavillet & Rust / Devaud, Genève

Grafiche Flaminia, Trevi

5 Continents Editions, Milano


This extensive scholarly catalogue on Dürer’s graphic work in collections in Vaud Canton presents rich textual and visual material in a virtuoso compilation without in any way being overwhelming. This is thanks to the systematic and consistent design, which in the plate sections shows all of the illustrations only on the right-hand page while on the left various types of information in two languages are grouped into a total of four text blocks. These are distinguished from each other typographically and placed in a strict grid based on the corresponding picture sizes. As the length of the text blocks varies widely, well-filled pages alternate with others that have a large amount of white space, producing an impressive rhythm. The typographic treatment is an allusion to books from Dürer’s time that featured several columns of commentary, but unlike those earlier volumes the grid here is not anchored symmetrically on the centre of the page. The design treats the historical material respectfully but nevertheless appears fresh and contemporary.