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Bellprat Associates AG: Xavier Bellprat, Siefried Meier, Martin Rohr



Retail- and Exhibitiondesign, Market


'Magie de l'énergie', Pavilion at Expo.02 for EOS (Énergie Ouest Suisse)


'Magie de l’énergie'

'Magie de l’énergie'

'Magie de l’énergie'

'Magie de l’énergie'


To make the viewer aware of the enormous hydroelectric potential of the Swiss Alps for power production, an impressive experience through the senses has been created. Three different spaces illustrate the transformation of the kinetic energy of the flowing water into the electrical energy of the power grid: a gigantic transformer outside, a deafening turbulent torrent inside, a magical water spectacle and an amusing orchestra of domestic appliances that depend on electricity.

Comments by the nominators:
Hydroelectric power and energy, the content and the materials – summed up in visual terms.