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Fashion Force: Lisa Besset / Thomas Wüthrich



Fashion and Textile Design, Team


'wearable chair for everywhere', seat waistcoat made of leather


'wearable chair for everywhere'

'wearable chair for everywhere'


Two designers coming from different professional fields have developed a joint product of high interdisciplinary quality – a garment that has been given a function from the sphere of objects. Two zips can be opened on the right and left sides of the back, so the cushion, made of foamed material, can be folded out under the buttocks. You lean back with your shoulders, while at the same time pulling the buckles on the elastic ribbons to the front with your feet. The orthopaedic neck support gives a sufficient counterpressure, so that you can sit on the floor as if in a harness.

Comments by the nominators:
The tackling of new tasks and new design approaches become possible when attempted by teams from different professional fields.