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Coande: Christoph Frey, Katharina Leuenberger, Peter Vetter



Communication Design, Market


'Bank Leu', Corporate Design resulting from a strategic repositioning


Corporate Design Bank Leu


The new Corporate Design consistently visualizes the new strategic orientation of the Bank Leu. The image of the oldest banking institute and one of the oldest brands in Switzerland has been redefined and adapted to the expectations of the bank's current target groups. By means of a feeling-charged graphic idiom and a lively range of colours, the Bank Leu sets itself off from the competition, while laying claim once more to the powerful symbol of the lion. The exclusivity with which the conception has been realized is put across by the refined typography and top quality paper.

Comments by the nominators:
The redesign of the Bank Leu Corporate Design has an impressive consistency in the way in which a further development of the brand follows from a strategic repositioning.