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Stauffacherbenz: Nicole Benz / Stefan Stauffacher



Fashion and Textile Design, Experiment


'Be your own chair ... and walk it!', four furniture classics to try on
HGKZ, Zürich


'Be your own chair … and walk it!'


What is furniture, what is clothing? Admirers of the icons of chair design here have a choice of four suits, each one printed with a classic piece of furniture. The two-leg frame that goes with it makes it possible actually to sit down, 'off the peg' so to speak. It is no longer a matter of decorating your rooms with classic furniture, but of making classic furniture the basis of your own clothing. Putting on this suit, you become one with the myth. As a second skin, the chair lets the person blend in with it physically and psychically, abolishing the boundaries between the human being, furniture and space. Inkjet printing by Création Baumann.

Comments by the nominators:
The fresh and witty expressiveness of the work makes a spontaneously appealing impression. A clear and convincing design conception has been realised.