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Theres Jörger



Communication Design, Experiment


'Typography and space', a typographical quest


'Typografie und Raum'

'Typografie und Raum'

'Typografie und Raum'

'Typografie und Raum'


This project investigates the effect of three-dimensional fonts, how they are readable, what they feel like – as well as the way they can be used both as lettering and as objects in architecture or in interior or product design. 'Evolution': two letters in a pixel model in 3D. 'Alphabet': readable from a very wide angle of vision. Grouped fragments of letters can be combined into new forms. 'Boxes': letters in the form of Chinese boxes, conveying an encrypted message. The nine spatial 'mutants': all 26 letters of the alphabet can be represented.

Comments by the nominators:
This clever feasibility study is imaginatively stimulating. Its treatment of a set of tools and the choice of materials open up a wide field of new applications.