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Phonak AG



Product Design, Market


'Savia Digital Bionics', hearing aid
Jan August, Erich Dittli, Thomas Lang, Hilmar Meier, Paul Portmann, Christian Reus, Ueli Würmli


'Savia Digital Bionics'


The key component of Savia Digital Bionics is the smallest and most powerful digital signal processor that has ever been installed in a hearing system. A wide range of hearing programs, designed to deal with a variety of acoustic situations, ensures audibility at all times and makes speech easily comprehensible. The design is simple, elegant and functionally conceived, and gives an impression of the highest quality. The smallest model, the 'Complete in Canal' (CIC) hearing aid, combines high-class technology with ease of wearing and discretion. 

Comment by the nominators:
An elegant hearing aid based on innovative technology. Its most impressive achievement is on the micro level, with an appealing design, ergonomic functionality and no stigmatisation of the wearer.