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'Les formes de l'interactivité', research project, HEAA Genève
Caroline Bernard, Jean-Louis Boissier, Jean-Luc Marchina, Pierre Rossel, Daniel Sciboz


research project 'Les formes de l’interactivité'

research project 'Les formes de l’interactivité'


The subject matter of this project is the medium of Interactive Video. The study is subdivided into three branches. First of all, under the title 'The observatory' various projects are demonstrated that are representative of the different forms of Interactive Video. 'The repertory' summarises the concepts and thematic complexes that mirror the present-day state of research. Finally 'The laboratory' a collection of experiments and research projects from the field of Interactive Video is presented. It is planned that a book and a DVD will be brought out. 

Comment by the nominators:
The project investigates the way in which the medium of Interactive Video has 'a mind of its own'. While systematic in its approach, it also shows developmental originality. On the foundations of a systematic body of knowledge, artists and designers develop Interactive Video creations with the aim of exploring a new creative language and so extending the state of the art in this medium.