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Bellprat Associates AG: Michael Helbling, Matthias Link, Siegfried Meier, Martin Rohr, Manuel Sättele, Claudia Schmauder, Benjamin Stähli, Barbara Zürcher



Interior Design, Market


'Offiziersküche Vindonissa'





When excavating the Roman legionary camp Vindonissa, situated in Windisch in the canton of Argovia, in 2003 archaeologists hit upon the kitchen area of the villa of a Roman centurion. At the spot where this Roman kitchen was discovered – which has been shielded with protective structures in view of its archaeological significance – visitors can now experience a banquet at the house of a high-ranking officer. Digitally reconstructed spaces, in which 40 figures kitted out in Roman gear have been assembled, serve as a window opening on the past. In the form of a light show – sometimes in 3D – and without spending many words on it, they demonstrate to the public the current state of archaeological knowledge about life in the camp of Vindonissa 2000 years ago.

Comment by the nominators:
A scientifically well grounded reconstruction, using contemporary digital resources to make history a direct experience and present it in an exciting way.