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NOSE AG Design Intelligence: Oliver Berger, Christian Harbeke, Farzahneh Moinian



Product Design, Market


'Raptor', avalanche shovel
Mammut Sports Group AG, Seon





The 'Raptor' avalanche shovel is designed for use in an emergency situation where the first aid equipment carried must be available for use in next to no time, as well as being intuitively easy to handle. The use of a 'sliding tube', with an oval cross-section resistant to deformation, means that the shovel can be readied for use quickly and without the least difficulty. At the same time the shovel is compact and takes up very little space. The blade of the shovel has been optimised in such a way as to make it equally effective for cutting or for lifting snow. The incorporated cross-grip makes for efficient handling even in very straitened circumstances.

Comment by the nominators:
The design of this first aid tool is exemplary. The shovel has been optimised in all imaginable respects, and is plainly very capable of coping with emergency situations. Particularly impressive features are the solution chosen for the grip, and the design of the plastic shovel as a whole.