Current Year

Markus Biedermann, Claude Deiber, Stefan Kienert & Erwin van Handenhoven



Product Design, Market


'Kallysto.tebis - touch, switch and control', switch system
Hager Tehalit AG, Rümlang
Amacher AG, Allschwil





'Kallysto.tebis' is a newly developed and intelligent switch system for the control of electrical components, such as lamps, electrical equipment and electrical drives in buildings. Equipped with up to six buttons illuminated from the side, this programmable switch system offers a wide range of options, making it possible to operate roller shutters, bring up predefined lighting moods and scenarios, control any kind of electrical device and regulate the room temperature. 'Kallysto.tebis' has been consistently designed to meet the requirements of 'home automation'. It is characterised by its ease of operation, restrained design and the use of top quality materials.

Comment by the nominators:
A multifunctional switching and control component, in which ease of use has not been sacrificed to complexity. It makes a convincing impression above all in view of its user-friendliness, being easy to install, program and maintain.