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COMA Amsterdam / New York: Cornelia Blatter, Marcel Hermans & Billy Nolan



Communication Design


'Vitra Workspirit 10: Net'n'Nest'', furniture catalogue
Vitra AG, Birsfelden


'Vitra Workspirit 10: Net’n’Nest'

'Vitra Workspirit 10: Net’n’Nest'

'Vitra Workspirit 10: Net’n’Nest'


The 'Vitra Workspirit 10' is more than just a furniture catalogue. It yields a cultural insight into the Vitra project, and at the same time launches 'Net'n'Nest' – a concept for the design and furnishing of contemporary offices that not only takes account of the demands of teamwork, but also has regard to the private sphere of the individual. COMA has been responsible for the concept of the publication, the editorial structure, the graphic design and the art direction of the images. Graphic realisation, photos and text – everything comes together here, so as to illustrate the interplay of needs on which work in the knowledge society of today is based: communication and concentration, teamwork and individual work, 'Net'n'Nest'.

Comment by the nominators:
With its Workspirit, Vitra yet again reinforces its leading position in the sphere of product communication. COMA has succeeded in producing a publication full of visual surprises, with a quality that puts it in the very highest class.