Current Year

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec



Product Design


'Worknest', office chair
Vitra AG, Birsfelden






The starting point for the development of this office chair was the need to introduce an element of domestic comfort to the workplace. With 'Worknest', accordingly, the technical elegance takes a back seat in favour of an appearance that appeals to the feelings. The chair has all the properties of a modern office chair that has been designed on ergonomic principles, while at the same time encouraging the user to identify with it to a high degree. Here the unusual colouring of the chair is a factor, as is the cosily sheltered feeling that you get from the chair's interior space, formed by the backrest upholstery and the arms as they develop organically from the seat.

Comment by the nominators:
The brothers Bouroullec have given us a convincing demonstration in their 'Worknest' that a properly functioning office chair does not have to look like a machine.

Comments by the jury:
'Worknest' stands in an exemplary way for the Swiss tradition of maintaining the highest standards of quality even in mass products. As a result of the successful cooperation between the brothers Bouroullec and Vitra, an office chair has been created with an inviting aura of appeal. The innovation of this chair lies not so much in the technology itself as in the way the technology has been interpreted, something self-evident, almost invisible ... and subordinated to the overall impression that the chair makes. A technical, ergonomic, ecological and social tour de force.