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Christian Deuber



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'Stehleuchte nan 05'
nanoo by Faserplast, Rickenbach


'nan 05/12/13'


The 'nan 05/12/13' lamp family consists of a standard lamp, a hanging lamp and a table lamp. They all have in common a shade illuminated by three dimmable lighting elements, made from rotational cast polyethylene. The screen has the appearance of a body of opalescent glass, but it is lightweight and unbreakable. In designing it, special attention has been dedicated to the continuously variable height adjustment. The grip created for this purpose, which viewed in juxtaposition with the synthetic shade suggests a curling stone, is the trademark of the entire lamp family.

Comment by the nominators:
The 'nan' family of lamps makes a thoroughly professional impression. As well as the classy appearance of the unbreakable synthetic shade, its strengths include the possibility of continuous adjustment.