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gasser, derungs Innenarchitekturen: Remo Derungs, Carmen Gasser



Interior Design, Market


'Vielfalt erleben'
Bündner Natur Museum, Chur


'Vielfalt erleben'

'Vielfalt erleben'


At the Bündner Naturmuseum in Chur, the task was assigned of creating a new permanent exhibition on an area of 400 square metres, on the theme of biodiversity in the Alps. The gasser, derungs Innenarchitekturen dispensed with the classic museum furnishings, substituting instead a large pedestal made of indigenous woods in which viewing windows of different sizes were incorporated. Even on its own, this furnishing fixture succeeds in making the diversity of species perceptible to the senses. And this is even more impressively managed by features like the glass window measuring four metres in width, through which viewers can see no fewer than 3000 butterflies. With a view to enhanced visual display, this marks a break with the convention that the flora and fauna put on display should be sorted in terms of genus and species.

Comment by the nominators:
A concentrated and consistently designed exhibition, which lends dramatic presentation to its central theme – the variety of species in the Bündner Alps – in an original and effective way.