Current Year

Christian Iten, Daniel Lüthi & Emanuel Zgraggen





'tangent – a multitouch surface', interactive tabletop
Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Bereich Interaction Design








'tangent' is an interactive tabletop equipped with a multitouch screen, so that it can be operated by several different users simultaneously. Developed in the course of diploma studies at HGK Zurich, the project has two main areas of emphasis: 1. Development and construction of an interactive multitouch interface that can be used by a number of users at the same time. 2. Development and testing of original principles of interaction for this surface.

Comment by the nominators:
This prototype, which supports the intuitive and realistic manipulation of graphic objects, images and texts on a specially developed multitouch interface, is impressive both technically and in design terms. It may be taken as a prime example of design research where research has been based on design experimentation.

Comments by the jury:
With a view to investigating the special challenges of a multitouch interface and providing instruments integrated with the system for the purpose, the diploma students have not hesitated to go deeply into the process of technical development. The result is a functioning prototype, a platform on which an interactive visualisation module has been implemented – the effect is playful, selfwilled and yet considered. This exemplary study constitutes a basis for further developments in a great many different applications - as a technical aid for consultancy meetings perhaps, or in the context of future multitouch games.