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Marc Calame



Furniture Design, Newcomer


'Puzzle béton', pavement which can be laid individually
form.c sàrl, Genf


'Puzzle béton'

'Puzzle béton'


'Puzzle béton' is a playfully conceived pavement which can be laid to suit the preferences of the individual. It is suitable for either public or private use. The individual elements can either be linked to form carpet-like tructures, or can be used as paving for outdoor paths. This novel kind of floor covering not only calls up recollections of childhood, it also would like to be seen as an invitation to play and as a platform for poetic meditation. 'Puzzle béton' was created in response to the wish for a formally plain and elegant form of paving which can be quickly and simply produced from concrete.

Comment by the nominators:
A refreshing and cheerful alternative to the traditional and tediously uniform paving stones that are used in massive quantity on the paths and terraces of Swiss gardens.