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Nicolas Le Moigne



Furniture Design, Newcomer


'objets en eternit', master's degree project at ECAL (University of art and design), Lausanne


Objets en eternit

Objets en eternit


Developed as a master's degree project at ECAL (University of art and design), 'objets en eternit' was realised in close partnership with the Eternit company. Intended for outdoor use, these small-scale furnishings and objects – a stool, a side table and flower pots – make consistent use of the structural and design properties of the material. A major emphasis of the project was on the development of suitable forms that would enable the objects to be serially produced. Numerous experiments with different materials and techniques finally resulted in the creation of the first prototypes.

Comment by the nominators:
This rediscovery of a material that was used long ago by furniture designer Willy Guhl would just on that account be a noteworthy achievement. In this case the project also shows extreme promise in formal terms and in relation to the technology of production.