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Karel Formánek / Team Thomas Plüss, Development Machines & Controls



Product Design, Market


'ByVention 3015', laser cutting system machine
Bystronic Laser AG, Niederönz


'ByVention 3015'


'ByVention 3015' is the world's smallest laser cutting system machine for standard-sized sheet metal. It is based on an innovative and economically advantageous concept of material flow and processing. The individual components of which the machine consists melt into a compact unit, but remain clearly readable to the outward eye. The additive structure of the system not only facilitates access to all cutting and working areas; it is also an advantage for purposes of container transport. Particular attention has been devoted to safety aspects in the design of the machine.

Comment by the nominators:
ByVention 3015' is a convincing example of pragmatic and efficient design in machine engineering. Features deserving emphasis are the logical arrangement of the functional units and the user-friendliness of the system.