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Sandra Fässler



Fashion Design, Newcomer


 'X', fashion collection, diploma project
FHNW HGK Institut Modedesign Basel


'X', fashion collection

'X', fashion collection


The 'X' collection was developed as a diploma project. It is addressed to 'cool lads' – trendy young men who have the courage to adopt an individual style. The designer drew formal inspiration for her designs from traditional cross stitch, as it is seen in the decoration of old-fashioned tablecloths for example. The cross stitch leitmotif of the collection has been realised in various different techniques, materials, colours and dimensions. In the process it steps out of its traditional old-fashioned guise and has an effect that is fresh and even cheeky.

Comment by the nominators:
A powerfully youthful collection which realises a surprising theme in harmonious style, so demonstrating that with the help of contemporary adaptation even traditional craft techniques can succeed in setting new standards of fashion.