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Simone Stocker



Product Design, Newcomer


torlo, table set





Created as a diploma project at FH Bern, and produced in a small craft series, the porcelain table set 'torlo' consists of five carefully coordinated parts: an egg-cup, a cup, a bowl, a pasta plate and a plate. The key component of the set is the egg-cup, which derives from the form of a decapitated egg. Like the other parts of the set, the form of which has been generated with the help of the mathematical laws of growth, it follows a clear geometric scheme and consists of three curves – two concave curves and one convex. This forms the basis for the sculptural impression, suggestive of an artichoke, that the 'torlo' set gives.

Comment by the nominators:
This simple but uncommonly tender and poetic work makes a convincing impression in both formal and conceptual terms, and succeeds admirably in reinterpreting the classic qualities of porcelain in an original way.