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Thomas Liebe



Product Design, Market


'MERILAS 532alpha', Augenlaser
Meridian AG, Thun


'MERILAS 532alpha'

'MERILAS 532alpha'


The eye laser 'MERILAS 532alpha' serves for the treatment of eye disease by means of laser surgery. It is both the smallest and the least noisy device of its kind on the market. In designing it special emphasis has been laid on intuitive safety and maximum ease of operation. Consequently the control elements of the laser have been designed in the clearest and simplest way possible. The carefully thought out user interface makes it possible for the operating physician to concentrate on the treatment of the patient, and so minimise the level of risk involved.

Comment by the nominators:
The design of this eye laser may appear unspectacular in formal terms, but it makes a convincing impression in view of the user-friendly structure of its components, and above all its innovative mode of operation, which will be of benefit both to the doctor and to the patient.