Current Year

Urban Ahlgren, Alfred Alfred, Anna-Carin Neale & Thomas Schaad



RADO Product Design Award


'Pacemaker', portable DJ
No Picnic, Stockholm S
Tonium, Stockholm S






'Pacemaker' is a portable, professionally designed DJ system of the size of an MP3 player. It is the one and only tool of this kind to date to offer users the ­possibility of mixing and playing music and putting on musical performances practically anywhere and at the drop of a hat. With a 120 GB hard disk, it is capable of storing thousands of songs, with a sound quality equivalent to that of a CD. A sensitive touchplate makes it possible to control the speed and the bass/treble balance. This makes the 'Pacemaker' a top quality replacement for traditional DJ systems.

Comment by the nominators:
The ‘Pacemaker' has an appealing charm combined with an aura of professionalism. Even if the market for consumer electronics is infested with second-rate copies, the independent formal idiom of this device makes it stand out.