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Christa Michel



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'Christa Michel Knitwear'


'Christa Michel Knitwear'


'Christa Michel Knitwear' sees itself as being a knitwear manufacturing enterprise. On the one hand it is a production site for individual articles and limited editions, but at the same time it is a kind of research laboratory and experimental workshop which repeatedly grapples with the possibilities offered by the medium. 'Christa Michel Knitwear' has come to be recognised as a competence centre for specific techniques of computer-supported hand knitting machines, where research is carried on into the cultural memory of knitting. A broad range of products, comprising the areas of design, fashion and accessories, testifies to a lively interest in popular culture and computer aesthetics.

Comment by the nominators:
For ten years Christa Michel's work has been focused on the medium of knitwear. The company has succeeded in linking its own graphic idiom with the various different techniques of knitting, and so creating an unmistakable world with cult potential.