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Markus Dudli / Sandra Kaufmann



Product Design, Market


'strada del sole', sunglasses


'strada del sole'


The sunglasses of the young Zurich label 'strada del sole' fold up very flat with the help of a specially developed click bracket which has been registered for a patent. As a result, they can easily be accommodated in a trouser pocket. Even if you sit down on them, you need not be afraid that the glasses will be damaged. The collection has a fashionable and unmistakable character. It comprises 14 models, with two colours for the glass and the frame. A special type of fastening makes it possible to attach additional lenses for correction purposes.

Comment by the nominators:
A sophisticated lifestyle product, notable for the optimisation of the detailed design and the weight, with results that could hardly be improved on. A successful start-up in an over-saturated market segment.