Current Year

Kevin Fries / Jakob Zumbühl / Muriel Weber



Furniture Design, Newcomer


'darling', bed frame made of bent plywood
fries&zumbühl, Winterthur
MOOBEL GmbH, Schönewerd




This bed frame owes its notably light and appealing appearance to two leg elements in loop design, formed from bent plywood. The width of the bed is determined by the length of the cross-slats. These can be connected with the leg loops by a simple plug-in connection, and are then fixed in position with eight screws. Depending on the living situation and space requirements, the bed frame can be comparatively easily adjusted to any width of mattress you like. For transport and storage purposes, the bed and grid can be reduced to a compact volume.

Comment by the nominators:
The bed combines a plausible design solution, offering ease of assembly, with a pleasantly restrained formal appearance.