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Holzer Kobler Architekturen: Barbara Holzer / Tristan Kobler



Interior Design, Market


Departement Erdwissenschaften ETH Zürich




The heart of  'focusTerra', the new permanent exhibition of the Earth Sciences department of ETH Zurich is an open exhibition tower in the glass-roofed courtyard of the historic teaching building, which appears as an independent new construction in its own right. By analogy with the forces which act in the interior of the earth, it twists in spiral form right up to the glass ceiling of the inner courtyard. An effective and varied style of presentation gives visitors on three levels the possibility of immersing themselves in the secrets and hidden treasures of the earth. At the same time the tower serves as a meeting point and communication platform for students, employees and visitors to the exhibition.

Comment by the nominators:
This information sculpture makes an inviting impression while at the same time it does not insist. The exhibits have been presented in an exciting sequence of exhibition spaces, with pleasant and instructive results. 'focusTerra' is a good example of the way in which design can respond effectively to a specific site and set exhibition theme.