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ZMIK: Rolf Indermühle, Mattias Mohr & Magnus Zwyssig



Interior Design, Market


'Sevensisters Shop Design'





The 'Sevensisters' shop in Basel is a small gift boutique for design objects with a frequently varying assortment of goods. These circumstances had to be taken into account in the redesign of the shop. The central element in the proposed design is a display unit halfway between a table and a shelf. This can be seen as an object in its own right, but at the same time it is sufficiently restrained for the goods on show to be set off to advantage. The unit combines ten individual sections into a display panorama nine metres long and supported on scissor feet. This makes it possible to display a great many colourful and generally small-scale products on different levels. The individual sections can be folded up, so that the entirely white fixture can be configured in different ways.

Comment by the nominators:
The strength of this shop remodelling project, in which a great deal has been achieved with technically simple resources, lies in restriction to the essential. The heart of the design is the new and versatile display unit, which succeeds outstandingly in achieving the purpose for which it has been designed.