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'Goodbye & Hello: Dialogue with the Beyond', exhibition


'Goodbye & Hello: Dialogue with the Beyond'

'Goodbye & Hello: Dialogue with the Beyond'


The exhibition 'Goodbye & Hello: Dialogue with the Beyond' oscillates between the known and the unknown – in terms of both design and content. The central focus is on human beings with their experiences of the afterlife. These have been placed in an imaginary black and white space which generates spatial illusions. At the same time the overlapping of the levels gives rise to interference phenomena which dissolve the boundaries of the room.

Comment by the nominators:
The theme of the exhibition has been realised in a radical manner, taking the entire space into account. The formally strict and at the same time visually teasing stripes installation is appropriate to the diffuse and elusive theme. The design makes people want to see the exhibition, and allows the visitor to plunge into the world of communication with the beyond.