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Paolo Fancelli





'Aebi VT 450'
Aebi & Co. AG Maschinenfabrik, Burgdorf


'Aebi VT450'

'Aebi VT450'


The ‘Aebi VT450' is a multipurpose transporter. It combines the properties of an agricultural machine capable of negotiating slopes with those of a communal commercial vehicle. In terms of outward appearance, the long-legged vehicle radiates robustness and dynamism. The design of the interior lays a premium on manageability and ease of entering and leaving the vehicle. The functional elements are concentrically arranged, and can easily be reached from the driver's seat. Two interlocking quarter circles clearly delimit the functional units of the driver and co-driver, while at the same time creating a central receptacle for storage.

Comment by the nominators:
Even if the sweeping lines of the driver's cabin are not going to appeal to everyone, the formal idiom of the ‘Aebi VT450' effectively combines the aesthetics of a dynamic consumer article with those of a commercial vehicle. Practical functionality has clearly been the top priority of the design.