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Raphaël von Allmen



Furniture Design, Newcomer


'Plastic Back Chair', diploma project (ECAL)


'Plastic Back Chair'


The 'Plastic Back Chair' was created as a diploma project at ECAL. Designed with the production of small series in mind, the chair is notable for its unusual combination of materials, a sophisticated structure and the resulting idiosyncracy of its formal appearance. While the lower frame has been welded together from aluminium profiles, the seat consists of a piece of aluminium sheet metal. The back of the chair, on the other hand, is made of polypropylene film. A fold along the upper edge, together with the special connection with the rest of the chair body, gives the thin film the tension it needs to provide reliable support for a seated person.

Comment by the nominators:
Aluminium profile, aluminium sheet and polypropylene film have been combined in a chair of quite independent character. The convincing design and sophisticated execution make the project a complete success.