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Regula Stüdli



Textile Design, Newcomer


'Jungle Friends'


'Jungle friends'


Digital design and printing form the basis for this work, which is located in the field of tension between graphics, art and textile design. It was created in response to an invitation by 'Tuchinform Winterthur', in the context of a series of exhibitions on textile techniques. The textile images reach out into surrounding space, and could be described as a kind of '3-D textile graffiti'. They reveal a wonderful, brightly coloured and shimmering world, which the designer herself described as 'wild, young and exuberant'. Many influences have gone to inspire this 'crazy-coloured candy cosmos', which while it has been realised using the most modern technological resources, nonetheless leaves a notably archaic impression.

Comment by the nominators:
With a masterly command of digital design and inkjet printing, the designer has experimented successfully with three-dimensionality and innovative materials. With intelligence and humour, she has opened up a new field of playful creativity.