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iart interactive: Steffen Blunk, Matthias Buess, Peter Gassner & Valentin Spiess



Communication Design, Research


'Research on Dematerialising Media'
Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum, Landesmuseum Zürich


'interactive cloud'

'interactive cloud'


Developed in response to a commission from the Swiss National Museum, the 'interactive cloud' is a new media tool which supports intuitive and playful access to a large fund of objects and their associated contexts. Without any directly visible technology, you can access virtual objects or associative concepts, along with the information linked with them, at any place that takes your interest. In design terms, the content is arranged in a three-dimensional cloud-like interface. With the help of elaborate projection technology mounted on the ceiling, backed up by camera recognition, the 'interactive cloud' can be presented on any spatial surface. The projection appears as soon as the visitor approaches an exhibit. When you touch the virtual objects in the cloud, the associated reference images and information will be brought up immediately.

Comment by the nominators:
A promising research project which investigates ways of making digitally stored information at exhibitions accessible on an interest-directed basis, without any visible hardware to detract from the room's appearance.