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Stéphanie Baechler



Textile Design, Newcomer


'Poesie der Hardware', graduation project, Hochschule Luzern


'Poesie der Hardware'


The work 'Poesie der Hardware' was created as a graduation project at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. It revolves around the thematic areas of human beings, bodies and the computer. Here it is not a matter of the development of technically functional or intelligent textiles. Rather the engagement, in terms of both design and content, with the sensuously perceptible digital world 'of the hardware' serves as a basis for the realisation of the idea in textile form. Inspired by computer hardware motifs, the designs are finally put on show as fashionable garments on the human body. This reveals at times a surprising poetry in the technical equipment behind the project.

Comment by the nominators:
The designer has realised her ideas in textile form in a skilled and multifaceted way. This is a very promising work which owes much to the spirit of the times.