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Annette Douglas, Marco Gruber, Oliver Weisbrod, Reto Pieren, Kurt Eggenschwiler





'Annette Douglas Textiles ACOUSTICS ®'
Annette Douglas Textiles AG:

Annette Douglas, Marco Gruber

Weisbrod-Zürrer AG: Oliver Weisbrod

EMPA Akustik und Lärmminderung:

Reto Pieren, Kurt Eggenschwiler


'Annette Douglas Textiles Acoustics®'

'Annette Douglas Textiles Acoustics®'

'Annette Douglas Textiles Acoustics®'


'Silent Space' from Annette Douglas Textiles ACOUSTICS® is a collection of acoustic curtains, consisting of light, transparent and flame-retardant acoustic fabric with excellent sound-absorption properties. The fabrics were created in the course of a two-year KTI [Innovation Promotion Agency] research project, in which the designer Annette Douglas cooperated with Empa Dübendorf and the Weisbrod weaving workshop. The starting point for the project was the conviction that the spaces where people work and communicate are urgently in need of sound-absorbing surfaces. The object was to develop a light and transparent material in preference to the heavy impenetrable acoustic curtains commonly in use, so as to allow light to enter the room and retain a sense of connection with the outside world.

Born in 1971, Annette Douglas is one of the leading textile designers in Switzerland. Notable for her versatility, she is thoroughly familiar with all kinds of textile technology, and masters them to such a high level that she has repeatedly succeeded in developing them beyond their limits. She acquired her thorough training in textiles at the Swiss Textile College in Wattwil, and then at the School of Design in Basel. As an independent textile designer, she has been developing furniture and curtain fabrics for textile manufacturers and textile printing companies in Switzerland and abroad for many years. 

Comments of the Nominators:
With this small and compact collection of transparent sound-absorbing materials, the designer has created an outstanding product of an impressive maturity and professionalism.

Comments by the Jury:
Fabrics that absorb sound, while at the same time being so fine that light can shine through them, are a real and valuable innovation, and likely to establish themselves on the market in the near future. Their restrainedly modest appearance makes a convincing impression, and is not lacking in elegance or class. These textiles open up entirely new possibilities in the field of interior decor.