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'Betty Bossi Küchenblitz PREMIUM'
Development: Alfredo Häberli,

Theo Gschwind

Betty Bossy: Fabienne Föhn, Vally Stäger

Engineering: Martin Schütz


'Betty Bossi Küchenblitz Premium'

'Betty Bossi Küchenblitz Premium'

'Betty Bossi Küchenblitz Premium'

'Betty Bossi Küchenblitz Premium'


The Premium magic beater is a compact, hand-operated kitchen machine for stirring, beating and mixing. Made of top-quality plastic and equipped with several interchangeable stainless steel beaters, this useful kitchen tool is hygienic, odourless, robust and durable, and can be washed in the dishwasher. Along with its efficiency in stirring and beating, its systematically thought out functional aspects also include an integrated egg separator, a non-slip rubber base which can also be used as a pot lid and a generously designed funnel for adding ingredients. In addition, care has been taken in the design of all components to avoid joints and edges that will be difficult to clean.

Comment by the nominators:
The magic beater combines sensitivity to the user's needs – shown in the thoroughly thought out functionality of the device – with a notable consistency of design extending to the level of detail.