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André Vladimir Heiz



Interdisciplinary Design, Research


'Didaktika – Forschungsprojekt Grundlagen der Gestaltung in vier Bänden'


'Didaktika', research project


The research project 'Didaktika' has given rise to a four-volume series with the overall title of 'Grundlagen zur Gestaltung – Werkzeug und Methoden für Gestalterinnen und Gestalter' (Fundamentals of Design – Tools and Methods for Designers), in which the designer's tools of the trade are described and put across in an illuminating way. Each volume approaches the subject from a different angle. Volume 1 is concerned with processes and programmes, volume 2 with structures and systems, volume 3 with signs and contexts and the fourth and last volume with identities and differences. These books give readers a clear and practical overview of the fundamentals of design in compact form, as was the aim of the research project.

Comment by the nominators:
This series of books, which serves both as a teaching resource and as a working tool, has what it takes to become a standard work. It investigates the many layers of the creative process from different angles, and presents them in comprehensible style for the purposes of teaching, practice and research.