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Andreas Pudel



'Quick Dive'
Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW HGK Masterstudio Design


'Quick Dive', diving gear

'Quick Dive', diving gear

'Quick Dive', diving gear

'Quick Dive', diving gear


Quick Dive is a diving solution which reduces the hazards of the sport and the complexity of the equipment, making it possible to experience the fascination of diving even without lengthy training and expensive gear. The Quick Dive diving kit is intended as a beginner's model and designed for depths of up to ten metres. Its essential advantages are its low weight (ca. 6 kg in comparison with the ca. 30 kg of a conventional diving suit), its compact volume and the minimal time it takes to get kitted up. This product fills a gap in the market between the conventional sport of diving and snorkelling. 

Born in 1984, Andreas Pudel completed a Bachelor of Arts course in Industrial Design at the College of Design in Pforzheim, Germany. He is currently studying at the Basel School of Art and Design (Masterstudio Design). Between courses and during his studies he has had various work experience placements as a model builder and industrial designer.

Comments of the Nominators:
The idea of simplifying and popularising the sport of diving by using equipment of relatively low complexity has been convincingly realised.

Comments by the Jury:
This diving gear is impressive. It is easy to operate, weighs little and comes at a comparatively modest price. This innovative diving solution serves a real need and actually seems very likely to make the fascination of diving accessible to greater numbers of the general public.