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'APANI Underwear'


'Apani Underwear'

'Apani Underwear'

'Apani Underwear'


Form follows function. For APANI® that is a law of nature. Only consistently thought out details – like the patented 3D Bionic Sphere System – give the 100% pure natural product wool the intelligence that is needed so that a truly functional article can be created. As the base material, the wool is taken from specially bred Saxon Merinos and spun into a yarn with a diameter of just 16.5 micrometres – about five times as thin as a human hair. This guarantees a high degree of wearing comfort. On the other hand wool can only keep you warm, because sheep don't sweat. With its systematically thought out details and innovative technology, APANI cools, warms and dries wherever it is needed and not just where it can.

Comment by the nominators:
An interesting product in aesthetic, technical and ecological terms, one that makes a convincing impression right across the board – from the natural materials down to the knitted structure and the puristic cut.