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'Zug bewegt'


'Moving Zug'

'Moving Zug'

'Moving Zug'

'Moving Zug'


'Moving Zug' is an interactive film panorama of the Canton of Zug. The central focus of the presentation, which was produced as the official visiting card of the canton at the LUGA 2010 trade fair, was for once not on economic performance but rather on the impressive natural scenery of the canton and the people who live there. High resolution panoramic films with a slight degree of digital animation are shown on a 360° round screen. By touching sensors on the floor, visitors were able to bring to life specific persons appearing in the films. In a recorded video, the people – who are shown life size – then tell the viewers about their lives.

Comment by the nominators:
This interactive installation makes a convincing impression, thanks to its innovative use of digital techniques. It succeeds in introducing the Canton of Zug to the general public in an appealing way. On the level of content, the presentation provides food for thought.