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Cornel Windlin





'Schauspielhaus Zürich 2009/10'
Projekt: Cornel Windlin

Konzeption & Gestaltung: Cornel Windlin & Gregor Huber

Mitarbeit: Rafael Koch, Ivan Sterzinger, Radek Sidun, Martin Andereggen,

Sandra Wehrli


Schauspielhaus Zürich 2009/10

Schauspielhaus Zürich 2009/10

Schauspielhaus Zürich 2009/10


The new visual styling of the Schauspielhaus Zürich [Zurich Playhouse] was developed for the 2009/10 season. It extends over all aspects of the visual impact made by the playhouse, including theatre publicity, the website and the signage. The key graphic element is a black disk, which recurs in a different form in all the various media. The concentrated repertoire of pared-down design features has resulted in a notable economy of design, as well as coherence in terms of the content of the visual products. Besides the minimalist typography – based on the use of just a few sizes of a single font style – and the powerfully reduced colour range in the posters and programmes, the carefully thought out approach to images of differing origin, some invented and some manipulated, is of decisive significance.

Having completed his graphic design studies at the Lucerne College of Art and Design, Cornel Windlin (born 1964) moved to London, where he started work in 1990 as the principal designer and Art Editor of the music and fashion magazine The Face. A year later he founded his own studio, and relocated to Zurich in 1993. He has been working there since then for both big and small customers, some from within Switzerland and others from abroad. Many of his books and posters have won national and international prizes. His work has also received much appreciation in books and professional journals. In conjunction with Stephan Müller he founded Lineto in 1993, a platform on which the two designers sell their own digital fonts. In 2005 Cornel Windlin was nominated for the Design Prize Switzerland on the strength of two projects, Select & Arrange and He is currently engaged in moving to Berlin, where he plans to live and work in coming years.

Comments by the nominators:
The visual presentation of the Schauspielhaus Zürich [Zurich Playhouse] covers a wide product range, one that is characterised by radicalism, succinctness and flexibility while retaining a very distinct individuality. The work shows an extreme wealth of imagination, high intelligence and sensitivity in dealing with visual images.

Comments by the jury:
Here an exceedingly complex task of communication design has been resolved in a highly professional way. At the same time the solution is trail-blazing and points the way for the future. The visual presentation of the Zurich theatre makes a convincing impression on the emotional level, while maintaining a distinctly recognisable identity and conveying the necessary information. The pictorial concept of the annual overview, which comes across as a kind of ‘theatre of life', is effective in its varied but always subtle references to the theatre and theatrical themes.