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Daniel and Markus Freitag



Daniel and Markus Freitag are graphic artists who originated in Davos. They developed their first messenger bags, for their own use, in 1993. The bags were made from recycled lorry tarpaulins, old bicycle tubes and car seatbelts. The idea proved appealing, not just in Zurich but all over the world. The original 'F13 Top Cat' model is now held in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Today the collection of the Freitag brothers comprises several dozen models in two product families. The company currently has 130 employees, processes 390 tons of lorry tarpaulins every year and has just moved into a new head office under the name of 'Nœrd' in the north of Zurich.

Comments by the Jury:
Freitag's bags are made out of old lorry tarpaulins. They first turned up in the early nineties, and many people thought they would be just a passing fad and would soon disappear from the market. They couldn't have been further off the mark. In spite of all forebodings, Freitag bags have turned out to be a lasting feature of the scene, and the company is now justifiably regarded, both within Switzerland and abroad, as an iconic national brand.

This has in part been the result of Freitag's consistent design philosophy, which extends from product design to architecture, from shop decor and packaging graphics to the website. But an even more important factor is that Freitag has been convincingly committed to matters like sustainability and ecology, which everyone talks about today, right from the beginning and continues to be so.