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'Bauen für die 2000-Watt-Gesellschaft'


'2000 Watt Society'

'2000 Watt Society'

'2000 Watt Society'


The '2000 Watt Society' exhibition is dedicated to the theme of sustainable building. In partnership with the Holzer Kobler architects' office, a nine metre high 'energy mountain' consisting of 500 cardboard cubes piled on one another has been created. The cardboard boxes are printed with information about showcase construction projects from Switzerland and six other countries. The colours of the cardboard boxes are inspired by prints created with an infrared camera, and emphasise the structure of the presentation. The architectural examples are divided into six groups, each having its allotted colour. The size of font used is dependent on the position of the individual cardboard boxes in the energy mountain or the distance of the writing from the viewer.

Comment by the nominators:
A theme of contemporary relevance – sustainable building – has been realised here with thoroughgoing consistency. The idea of basing a spatial presentation on recyclable cardboard seems appropriate to the subject matter. The integrity of the design makes a powerful impression and meets the highest graphic standards.