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Matthias Decker



Product Design, Newcomer


'LOUIS die Schirmleuchte', Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW


'Louis, die Schirmleuchte'

'Louis, die Schirmleuchte'


The Louis is a slender hanging luminaire equipped with LED spots, which at the same time functions in accordance with the umbrella principle. The frame of the light has been designed to resemble an umbrella. When it is in closed position, the nine LEDs set in spherical housings radiate light downwards with greater intensity. This shows Louis the umbrella light in its role as a desk lamp. When the umbrella opens with the help of a simple pulley (the transition to the open position is non-phased and immediate), the luminaire is gradually transformed into a domestic chandelier which disseminates light widely round the room. The Louis's characteristic versatility makes it equally suitable for the office and for the home.
Comment by the nominators:
This product is an interesting combination of a contemporary LED lighting unit with the simple and familiar mechanism of a pulley. In addition, the light shows a response to the requirements of today's living and working worlds.