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Nikolas Kerl



Product Design, Market


'Straight A / Flat O', Vase und Schale


'Straight A / Flat O', vase

'Straight A / Flat O', vase

'Straight A / Flat O', vase


The Straight A vase and the Flat O bowl are glass objects which consist, in formal aesthetic terms, of a conical basic form that concludes in a round base. Both glass vessels begin to oscillate when touched, so communicating something of their independent and feeling-charged character, before coming to rest again at their static midpoint. When they are unevenly filled they tilt slightly to the side – an effect that opens up interesting design possibilities for the user. Each of the glass objects has been made in a small production series at the tradition-steeped Hergiswil Glass Works, using classic production methods. The glass is blown by mouth in a watered pear wood mould. This production technique is responsible for the unmistakable and vibrant character of the white glass surface.

Comment by the nominators:
The calculated instability of these light-footed and poetic glass objects lends them an imperfection that is at the same time an enrichment, one in which the design idea is convincingly encapsulated.