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'FREITAG Reference'



With a view to launching its Reference Line, a new line in bags from FREITAG, something that would make a visual impact was called for. The new bags are inspired by the news messengers of the 19th century and dedicated to journalists. Consistently enough, the world of journalism has also been an influence on the design parameters of the launch. With the aim of popularising the brand, a newsroom was set up in Zurich which the public were free to visit. News headlines of the day and comments from the Freitag community were combined to produce a daily news sheet on an old lead print machine. Newsboys distributed the sheets in town every evening to advertise the new product. The printed sheet also made use of further publicity resources - lookbooks, hand tags and invitations.

Comment by the nominators:
A unique project, one that goes well beyond a mere product or image campaign. Its innovative and half serious, half playful approach investigates the relationship in tension between individuality and the sense of identity that comes from belonging to a group – a matter of importance for any brand.